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  • 音乐教师

  • 类型:剧情电影    年份:2019
  • 地区:印度     语言:印度语
  • 主演:纳瓦祖丁·席迪圭 Priyanka Bose Manav Kaul
  • 导演:Sarthak Dasgupta
  • 评分: 豆瓣(5.2)   


这里是BT电影天堂(为您带来的一部来自印度的剧情电影。 她的名字是:《音乐教师》 ,她的演员是:纳瓦祖丁·席迪圭 Priyanka Bose Manav Kaul ,她的导演是:Sarthak Dasgupta ,她的上映时间是:2019 年 ,她的初始语言为印度语。 音乐教师迅雷BT种子,磁力链接,电驴ED2K高清电影资源尽在@BT电影天堂(,希望您能喜欢!点击最右方的迅雷下载即可使用迅雷下载高清电影或者BT种子/ED2K资源哦!


导演: Sarthak Dasgupta
编剧: Sarthak Dasgupta
主演: 纳瓦祖丁·席迪圭 / Priyanka Bose / Manav Kaul
类型: 剧情
制片国家/地区: 印度
语言: 印地语
上映日期: 2019-04-19(印度)
又名: Δάσκαλος Μουσικής
IMDb链接: tt3257794
  When a small town music teacher dealing with low self esteem and unforgiving social circumstances is compelled to give up all hopes of a reunion with a girl who once loved him, he tries to accept his fate with compromises, in every sphere of his existence. The girl is one of his estranged ex-students, who is now a singing star in the big city. But with the town coming alive with the rumors of the girl coming to the town for a big show, the music teacher begins to prepare for a crucial rendezvous with the girl in which he may lose everything that he has built in these years, including the people who have gone out of their way to bring some relief in his bitter existence.



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