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  • 天堂租来的房子

  • 类型:剧情电影    年份:2013
  • 地区:韩国     语言:韩语
  • 主演:未录入
  • 导演:未录入
  • 评分:


这里是BT电影天堂(为您带来的一部来自韩国的剧情电影。 她的名字是:《天堂租来的房子》 ,她的演员是:未录入 ,她的导演是:未录入 ,她的上映时间是:2013 年 ,她的初始语言为韩语。 天堂租来的房子迅雷BT种子,磁力链接,电驴ED2K高清电影资源尽在@BT电影天堂(,希望您能喜欢!点击最右方的迅雷下载即可使用迅雷下载高清电影或者BT种子/ED2K资源哦!

详情:Having gone through hard times, a shrewd barmaid for “Seasons of Roses”, Wha-Sim still has reserved some of her pure heart. To the place where she is continuing her usual daily life, Joon-chi comes by like an accident. Once a writer, Joon-Chi encounters Whasim while he has been wandering from place to place and they become to live together in a small rented room. Since then Joon-Chi and Whasim are indulged in sensual pleasures with each other as if it were to be a means of consoling. In the meanwhile, a young barmaid, Sunny who was attached to Wha-Sim like a sister comes to the place


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