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  • 无所畏惧

  • 类型:爱情电影    年份:2018
  • 地区:德国     语言:德语
  • 主演:西尔维娅·侯克斯 法赫里·亚迪姆 托本·利布雷希特
  • 导演:Niels Laupert
  • 评分: 豆瓣(0)   


这里是BT电影天堂(为您带来的一部来自德国的爱情电影。 她的名字是:《无所畏惧》 ,她的演员是:西尔维娅·侯克斯 法赫里·亚迪姆 托本·利布雷希特 ,她的导演是:Niels Laupert ,她的上映时间是:2018 年 ,她的初始语言为德语。 无所畏惧迅雷BT种子,磁力链接,电驴ED2K高清电影资源尽在@BT电影天堂(,希望您能喜欢!点击最右方的迅雷下载即可使用迅雷下载高清电影或者BT种子/ED2K资源哦!

详情:The break-up is almost complete: Hannah and Julian meet one more time to hand over their apartment, which they hope will be quick and painless. No such luck, though: The hand-over flops and the two arguing exes are stuck together on New Year's Eve, of all days, after not speaking to each other for weeks. They're long overdue at their friends' party, where they wanted to put in one final appearance together. Seven years ago, Hannah and Julian met while looking for an apartment and became reluctant roommates. She's a career-oriented law student, he's a photographer who lives for the moment. She's always got everything planned out, he never does. The two roommates became an odd but loving couple. While Julian compromises professionally, Hannah climbs the career ladder. Then they started to grow apart and spend their time with other people. At the very low point of their relationship, an unsolved conflict from the past suddenly resurfaces and calles everything into doubt.


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